30 April 2018
13 April 2018 - the Sejm accepted the information on the Republic of Poland's participation in the activities of the European Union in July-December 2017 (Estonian Presidency of the Council of European Union) - resolution. The information was earlier debated in plenary with participation of the Secretary of State in Foreign Affairs Ministry, Konrad Szymański (verbatim record/PL point 28, verbatim record/PL point 28 [continued]).

In April 2018 the EU Affairs Committee (SUE) held 6 meetings: no. 194-199. During these meetings the Committee:

  • scrutinised 60 EU documents:
    • pursuant to Art. 7(4) of the Cooperation Act – 14 EU draft legislative acts concerning i.a., establishing a multi-annual plan for the fisheries exploiting demersal stocks in the western Mediterranean Sea; providing further macro-financial assistance to Ukraine; persistent organic pollutants,
    • pursuant to Art. 151(1) of the Sejm Standing Orders and Art. 3(2) of the Cooperation Act – 24 EC documents (14 communications, 14 reports) concerning i.a., reform of the administrative structure of the European Schools; mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020); quality of fiscal data reported by Member States in 2017,
    • pursuant to Art. 11(1) of the Cooperation Act – EU documents, which were to be discussed by Agriculture and Fisheries Council and General Affairs Council,
    • pursuant to Art. 8(2) of the Cooperation Act – 11 EU draft legal acts concerning i.a., corporate taxation of a significant digital presence; mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund following an application from Belgium – EGF/2017/010 BE/Caterpillar; Council decision authorising the opening of negotiations on a Global Pact for the Environment,
  • adopted positive opinion on the candidature of Andrzej Sadoś for the position of Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the European Union (opinion no. 31 (PL), mtg no. 195),
  • considered, pursuant to Art. 18(4) of the Cooperation Act, information on legislative proceedings relating to the implementation of EU directives for which the transposition deadline has expired or will expire within the next three months, (as of 23.02.2018), presented by the representatives of appropriate ministries (mtg no. 195),
  • considered information on the position of Poland in the results of the European Court of Auditors' audit in 2017 (presented by member of ECA Janusz Wojciechowski) (mtg no. 197),
  • scrutinized: information on the Foreign Affairs Council meeting held on 19 March 2018, information on the European Council meeting held on 22 March 2018 and information on the Foreign Affairs Council meeting planned for 16 April 2018 (presented by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konrad Szymański) (mtg no. 198),
  • considered information on the current state of the debate on the role of national parliamnets in the European Union (mtg no. 199),
  • adopted positive opinion on the candidature of Piotr Nowak for the position of member of the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank (opinion no. 32 (PL), mtg no. 199).


SUE together with Public Finances Committe and Economy and Development Committe

heard information on the Convergence Program and National Reform Programme prepared by Poland in connection with the implementation of the European Semester in 2018 (presented by: Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology Tadeusz Kościński and Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Finance Leszek Skiba) (mtg no. 196).


In April 2018 information on and documents of SUE meetings no. 194-195 and 198-199, provided by the EU Affairs Committee secretariat, were published in the EDL-S (European Legislative Documents in the Sejm) and IPEX databases.

Digitalisation, Innovation and New Technologies Committee
  • 13.04.2018, considered the information of the Minister of Digitization, Marek Zagórski, on issues related to the implementation into the national legal order of the general EU regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR) (mtg no. 89)

State Audit Committee

  • 12.04.2018, took note of the information presented by the member of the European Court of Auditors, Janusz Wojciechowski, on the most important audits of the European Court of Auditors concerning Poland (mtg no. 84)

In April 2018

  • the following bills implementing EU law have been referred to the first reading [paper no.]:
    • Government bill on the processing of passenger name record [2461],
    • Government bill amending the act on road transport and some other acts [2459]
    • Government bill on tachographs [2458]
    • Government bill amending the act on public finance [2449]
    • Government bill amending the act on renewable energy sources and some other acts [2412],
    • Government bill amending the act on biocomponents and liquid biofuels and some other acts [2411],
    • Government bill on personal data protection [2410],
    • Government bill amending the act on occupational pension schemes [2391],
  • the following acts implementing EU law have been published [paper no.]:
    • Act of 1 March 2018 on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing [2233],
    • Act of 1 March 2018 amending the act on trading in financial instruments and some other acts [2191],
    • Act of 22 March 2018 on the amendment to the act on micro-organisms and genetically modified organisms and some other acts [1424].

Subsidiarity scrutiny in April
(Information from IPEX database as of 08.05.2018)

Draft legislative act Deadline for subsidiarity
Adoption /
transmission of reasoned opinion
Chamber / parliament
COM(2017) 753* 03.04.2018 - / 03.04.2018 Oireachtas
- / 07.03.2018 House of Commons
(United Kingdom)
COM(2017) 793 16.04.2018  - -
COM(2017) 794  16.04.2018  - -
COM(2018) 51* 03.04.2018 28.03.2018/
Chamber of Deputies
(Czech Republic)
03.04.2018 / - Senate
COM(2018) 92 11.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 93 16.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 94 17.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 96 03.04.2018 - -
COM(2018) 99 11.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 110 11.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 113 14.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 127 11.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 131 21.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 134 05.06.2018   -
 COM(2018) 135 11.06.2018  -  -
COM(2018) 137 15.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 144 21.05.2018   -
COM(2018) 147 17.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 148 17.05.2018 - -
COM(2018) 163 13.06.2018  -  -
COM(2018) 171 05.06.2018  -
COM(2018) 173 15.06.2018   -
COM(2018) 252 06.06.2018   -

In April 2018, 23 draft legislative acts were subject to subsidiarity scrutiny. As of 8 May 2018, the national parliaments submitted 3 reasoned opinions on the non-compliance of the scrutinised draft acts with the subsidiarity principle.

* Reasoned opinions to the documents COM(2017) 753 and COM(2018) 51 were also submitted in March 2018 - see the previous Bulletin OIDE – March 2018. Furthermore, a reasoned opinion to the document COM(2017) 753 adopted by the British House of Commons in March 2018, but uploaded to the IPEX database in April, after the March Bulletin OIDE was published, was not included in the summary.


24 April 2018, Brussels, Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on "Towards the CAP after 2020: the Future of Food and Farming"

  • The priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union
  • Session I - The future Agriculture Policy: A modernised and results based policy for sustainable growth, environmental protection, quality food, health and jobs in the EU
    • Debate with national Parliamentarians and MEPs
  • Session II - Implementing the future agriculture policy: how to improve synergies in a multi-level governance process with a strengthened subsidiarity, including the role of Parliaments
    • Debate with national Parliamentarians and MEPs
  • Closing remarks

23-24 April 2018, Brussels, Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments (EUSC)

  • Meeting of Speakers of Parliaments of the Presidential Troika (Slovakia, Estonia, Austria, European Parliament) 
  • Opening session
    • Welcome address by Mr E. Nestor, President of the Riigikogu
    • Adoption of the agenda
    • Keynote speaker: Mr A. Tajani, President of the European Parliament
  • Session I - The future of the European Union
    • Keynote speakers:
      - M. Kuchciński, Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland
      - A. Danko, Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic
      - F. De Rugy, President of the French National Assembly
    • Debate
  • Session II – European security and defence
    • Keynote speakers:
      - I. Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia
      - W. Schäuble, President of the German Bundestag
      - W. Sobotka, President of the Austrian National Council
    • Debate
  • Session III - Debate and adoption of the Conclusions
    • Closing remarks by Mr Eiki Nestor, President of the Riigikogu
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