31 March 2016
In March 2016 the EU Affairs Committee (SUE) held 11 meetings: no. 32-42. During these meetings the Committee:
  • scrutinised 53 EU documents:
    • pursuant to Art. 7(4) of the Cooperation Act – 10 EU draft legislative acts concerning i.a. providing further macro-financial assistance to Tunisia, markets in financial instruments or the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles,
    • pursuant to Art. 151(1) of the Sejm Standing Orders and Art. 3(2) of the Cooperation Act – 25 European Commission documents (13 reports, 6 communications, 1 draft joint report, 1 decision, 1 joint proposal, 1 opinion, 1 green paper and 1 joint communication) concerning i.a. the state of play of implementation of the priority actions under the European agenda on migration, the organisation of the exchange of information extracted from criminal record between Member States or Annual Growth Survey 2016,
    • pursuant to Art. 11(1) of the Cooperation Act – EU documents, which were to be discussed by Agriculture and Fisheries Council,
    • pursuant to Art. 8(2) of the Cooperation Act – 16 EU draft legal acts concerning i.a. guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States, the mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund or the adoption of the Research Programme of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel,
    • pursuant to Art. 10(2) of the Cooperation Act – 1 draft directive on the use of Passenger Name Record data for the fight against terrorist offences and serious crime,
  • adopted opinion no. 7 considering COM(2016) 128 as incompatible with the principle of subsidiarity,
  • heard information on the actions of the Ministry of Development taken to expend the greatest possible amount of the financial perspective 2007-2013, presented by Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development Jerzy Kwieciński (mtg no. 32),
  • heard information on the status of implementation of operational programs from the perspective 2014-2020, presented by Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development Jerzy Kwieciński and general advisor in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Zofia Krzyżanowska (mtg no. 32),
  • considered information on the legislative process of implementation of EU directives for which the transposition deadline has expired or will expire within the next three months (as of 24.02.2016), presented by the representatives of appropriate ministries (mtg no. 36),
  • heard information on the revision of European Neighborhood Policy, presented by Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marek Ziółkowski (mtg no. 37),
  • considered amendment tabled during the second reading to the draft resolution on migration policy of Poland (paper no. 18, 230 and 250, mtg no. 40),
  • heard information on the "red card" and "green card" procedures and the role the European Affairs Committee and the Polish Sejm would play in the enhanced interparliamentary cooperation, presented by the Deputies Konrad Głębocki and Szymon Szynkowski Vel Sęk (mtg no. 41).


In March 2016 information on and documents of SUE meetings no. 33-35, 37-40 and 42, provided by the EU Affairs Committee secretariat, were published in the EDL-S (European Legislative Documents in the Sejm) and IPEX databases.


Digitalisation, Innovation and New Technologies Committee

  • 10.03.2016, considered the information on the legal consequences of the judgment of the EU Court of Justice in Case C-362/14 Schrems, the impact of the judgment on the fundamental rights of EU citizens and the functioning of the transatlantic market for trade and electronic services, and also on the actions taken by the Polish Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data to implement the provisions of the judgment (mtg no. 13);

State Audit Committee

  • 17.03.2016, considered the information of the Supreme Audit Office on the results of audit of irregularity management system of EU agricultural funds (mtg no. 11);

Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee

  • 10.03.2016, considered the information of the Minister of the Environemnt on the use of funds under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment in period 2007-2013 (mtg no. 14);
  • 09.03.2016, heard the information of the Minister of the Environemnt on the implementation of programs related to the protection of air, based on the example of LIFE Integrated Project „Implementation of air quality plan for Małopolska Region - Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere" (mtg no. 13);

Agriculture and Rural Development Committee

  • 10.03.2016, considered the information of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Minister of Economic Development on plans and proposals for changes of the CAP and cohesion policy post-2020 (mtg no. 20);
  • 09.03.2016, considered the amendments tabled during the second reading of the bill amending the act on payments within the direct aid systems and some related acts, papers no. 274 i 279 (mtg no. 19).

In March 2016

  • the following bills implementing EU law have been referred to the first reading [paper no.]:
    • Government bill amending the act – Labour Code and some other acts [382],
    • Government bill amending the act – Public procurement law and some other acts [366],
    • Government bill amending the act on supporting the development of telecommunications networks and services and some other acts [323],
    • Government bill amending the act on public blood service and some other acts [294],
  • the following acts implementing EU law have been adopted [paper no.]:
    • Act of 31 March 2016 amending the act on public roads and the act on toll motorways and the National Road Fund [190],
    • Act of 31 March 2016 amending the act on investment funds and some other acts [69], [70],
    • Act of 18 March 2016 amending the act on explosives for civil uses and some other acts [275],
    • Act of 18 March 2016 on conformity assessment systems and market surveillance [248],
    • Act of 11 March 2016 amending the act on identification and registration of animals [245],
    • Act of 11 March 2016 on safety of trade of explosives precursors [217],
  • the following act implementing EU law has been published [paper no.]:
    • Act of 25 February 2016 on the re-use of public sector information [141].

Subsidiarity scrutiny in March
(Information from IPEX database as of 05.04.2016)

Draft legislative act Deadlinbe for subsidiarity scrutiny Adoption / transmission of reasoned opinion Chamber / parliament (country)
COM(2015) 613 * 02.03.2016  - -
COM(2015)634 * 08.03.2016 -  -
COM(2015) 635 * 08.03.2016  - -
COM(2015) 667 14.03.2016 - -
COM(2015) 670 15.03.2016 - -
COM(2015) 671 15.03.2016 - -
COM(2015) 668 24.03.2016 - -
COM(2016) 031 29.03.2016 - -
COM(2016) 025  30.03.2016  24.03.2016 / 24.03.2016 Riksdag (Sweden)
COM(2016) 026 30.03.2016  - / 24.03.2016 Chamber of Representatives (Malta)
 24.03.2016 / 24.03.2016 Riksdag (Sweden) 
COM(2016) 039 30.03.2016  - -
COM(2016) 043 30.03.2016  - -
COM(2016) 007 12.04.2016 - -
COM(2016) 056 12.04.2016 - -
COM(2016) 057 12.04.2016  - -
COM(2016) 053 20.04.2016  30.03.2016 / 31.03.2016 Federal Council (Austria)
COM(2016) 67 26.04.2016  -  -
COM(2016) 52 27.04.2016  30.03.2016 / 31.03.2016 Federal Council (Austria) 
COM(2016) 113 02.05.2016  - -
COM(2016) 106 10.05.2016  -  -
COM(2016) 107 10.05.2016  - -
COM(2016) 128 10.05.2016  -  -
COM(2016) 157 17.05.2016  -  -
COM(2016) 082 18.05.2016  - -
COM(2016) 159 18.05.2016  - -

In March 2016, 25 draft legislative acts were subject to subsidiarity scrutiny. As of 5 April 2016, the national parliaments submitted 5 reasoned opinions on the non-compliance of the scrutinised draft acts with the subsidiarity principle.

* In February 2016 the reasoned opinions were submitted to the documents COM(2015) 613, COM(2015) 634 and COM(2015) 635  - see the previous Biuletyn OIDE – February 2016.


13-14 March 2016, Hague, Chairpersons' Meeting on "Human Trafficking in the Digital Age"
- Introductory session with short documentaries on the conference theme and informal discussion
- Opening session: Human Trafficking in the Digital Age
- Plenary Panel I: How the Internet is changing patterns of Human Trafficking
- Plenary panel II: Migration

3 March 2016, Brussels, Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on "Women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU"
- Inauguration speeches
- Workshops (Workshop no 1: Violence against women refugees and asylum seekers, Workshop no 2: Gender and healthcare - the situation of refugees and asylum seekers, Workshop no 3: Integration of women refugees)
- Debate and closing remarks

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