31 December 2016
2 December 2016 - the Sejm adopted the resolution on the proposal for establishment of an EU correction mechanism for the allocation of refugees and financial solidarity mechanism (COM(2016) 270 final).

In December 2016 the EU Affairs Committee (SUE) held 4 meetings: no. 99-102. During these meetings the Committee:

  • scrutinised 44 EU documents:
    • pursuant to Art. 7(4) of the Cooperation Act – 9 EU draft legislative acts concerning i.a., hybrid mismatches with third countries, double taxation dispute resolution mechanisms in the European Union or common corporate tax base,
    • pursuant to Art. 151(1) of the Sejm Standing Orders and Art. 3(2) of the Cooperation Act – 11 EC documents (7 communications, 3 reports and 1 joint communication) concerning i.a., overall assessment of 2017 draft budgetary plans, international ocean governance or prevention and correction of macroeconomic imbalances,
    • pursuant to Art. 11(1) of the Cooperation Act – EU documents, which were to be discussed by Justice and Home Affairs Council and Environmental Council,
    • pursuant to Art. 8(2) of the Cooperation Act – 4 EU draft legal acts concerning i.a., economic policy of the euro area or EU accession to the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC),
  • heard information on annual report of the European Court of Auditors on the implementation of the EU budget in 2015, presented by Janusz Wojciechowski, member of ECA (mtg no. 99),
  • appointed ad hoc subcommittee on EU energy policy (mtg no. 102).


In December 2016 information on and documents of SUE meetings no. 99-101, provided by the EU Affairs Committee secretariat, were published in the EDL-S (European Legislative Documents in the Sejm) and IPEX databases.


State Audit Committee

  • 14.12.2016, considered information of the Supreme Audit Office on the results of audit of the correctness of the proceedings in the selection of projects in the framework of selected Regional Operational Programmes (mtg no. 36);

Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee

  • 01.12.2016, considered information of the Supreme Audit Office on the results of audit of adjusting the Polish industry to the requirements of climate and energy package (mtg no. 49);

Agriculture and Rural Development Committee

  • 13.12.2016, considered the resolution of the Senate concerning the bill amending the act on supporting rural development including resources of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development under the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020 and some other acts, paper no. 1019 (mtg no. 104).

Local Government and Regional Policy

  • 14.12.2016, considered information on the implementation of operational programmes financed from the EU funds for the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 (mtg no. 88);
  • 13.12.2016, considered information on the functioning of the Integrated Territorial Investment (mtg no. 86).
 In December 2016
  • the following bills implementing EU law have been referred to the first reading [paper no.]:
    • Government bill amending the act on Patent Attorneys [1138],
    • Government bill amending the act on trading in financial instruments and some other acts [1097],
    • Government bill on statutory auditors, audit firms and on public oversight [1092],
    • Government bill on exchange of tax information with other states [1091].
  • the following acts implementing EU law have been published [paper no.]:
    • Act of 16 December 2016 amending the act on seeds and the act on plant protection [1043],
    • Act of 21 October 2016 amending the act on excise duty [849],
    • Act of 30 November 2016  amending the act on payment services and some other acts [785], [626].


Subsidiarity scrutiny in December
(Information from IPEX database as of 09.01.2017)

Draft legislative act Deadline for subsidiarity scrutiny Adoption / transmission of reasoned opinion Chamber / parliament (country)
 COM(2016) 591 * 12.12.2016  - / 19.12.2016 (opinion transmitted after deadline) Riksdag (Sweden)
 COM(2016) 586 19.12.2016 - -
 COM(2016) 590 19.12.2016  - / 19.12.2016 Riksdag (Sweden)
 COM(2016) 662 20.12.2016 - -
COM(2016) 683
03.01.2017 19.12.2016 / 19.12.2016 Folketing (Denmark)
14.12.2016 / 16.12.2016 Oireachtas (Ireland)
22.12.2016 / 28.12.2016 Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourg)
26.12.2016 / - Chamber of Representatives (Malta)
- / 19.12.2016 Riksdag (Sweden)
21.12.2016 / 22.12.2016 Senate (Netherlands)
20.12.2016 / 21.12.2016 Chamber of Representatives (Netherands)
COM(2016) 685 03.01.2017  19.12.2016 / 19.12.2016 Folketing (Denmark)
14.12.2016 / 16.12.2016  Oireachtas (Ireland)
 22.12.2016 / 28.12.2016  Chamber of Deputiels (Luxembourg)
 26.12.2016 / -  Chamber of Representatives (Malta)
 - / 19.12.2016   Riksdag (Sweden)
 21.12.2016 / 22.12.2016  Senate (Netherlands)
 20.12.2016 / 21.12.2016 Chamber of Representatives (Netherands)
COM(2016) 686 03.01.2017  - / 19.12.2016  Riksdag (Sweden)
COM(2016) 687  03.01.2017  21.12.2016 / 22.12.2016 Senate (Netherlands)
 - / 19.12.2016  Riksdag (Sweden)
COM(2016) 709 10.01.2017 - -
 COM(2016) 761  27.01.2017 - -
COM(2016) 765  27.01.2017  -  -
COM(2016) 758 31.01.2017  -  -
COM(2016) 755 06.02.2017  -  -
COM(2016) 757 06.02.2017  -  -
 COM(2016) 778  09.02.2017  -  -
COM(2016) 786 09.02.2017  -  -
COM(2016) 788 09.02.2017   - -

In December 2016, 17 draft legislative acts were subject to subsidiarity scrutiny. As of 9 January 2017, the national parliaments submitted 19 reasoned opinions on the non-compliance of the scrutinised draft acts with the subsidiarity principle.

* In November 2016 to the documents COM(2016) 591 one reasoned opinion was submitted - see the previous Biuletyn OIDE – November 2016.


4 December 2016, Przemyśl, Working meeting of the Presidents of Parliaments of the Visegrád Group countries
Panel I: Policy issues concerning the European Union
- The future of the European Union (operating mechanisms and internal coherence)
- Strengthening the role of the national parliaments in the European Union and the necessity to systematise their relations with the European Parliament
Panel II: Practical dimension of V4 cooperation
- Informational and educational initiatives (V4 knowledge contests, film, music, art contests, etc. connected with V4 topics)
- Proposal to designate 2017 the Visegrad Year
- Reflection on possible changes in the functioning of the International Visegrad Fund

1-2 December 2016, Bratislava, Meeting of the Chairpersons of the Economic Affairs Committees on Energy Union
Opening of the meeting
Session 1: State of the Energy Union, debate
Session 2: Energy Union – an integrated approach to Research and Innovation, debate
Session 3: The future smart EU energy systems with the consumer at the centre, debate

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Selected articles and papers
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