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Cooperation of national parliaments with the European Parliament


During the European Parliamentary Week members of national parliaments and of the European Parliament participate in meetings devoted to economic, budgetary and social matters. In particular, they discuss the Annual Growth Survey in which the European Commission presents priorities concerning economic and budget policy for the following year, as well as the implementation of recommendations for member states issued in the previous year. In the framework of Parliamentary Week the meetings of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and the Committee on Budgets of the EP with relevant sectoral committees of national parliaments are held.

The first Parliamentary Week of the European Semester was organised in January 2013 (earlier meetings on the European Semester were organised in the form of Interparliamentary Committee Meetings - see above). Since 2014 within the framework of the European Parliamentary Week, besides European Semester meetings, the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Stability, Economic Coordination and Governance in the European Union has taken place. In September 2015 the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the EP invited representatives of national parliaments to its meeting to allow them to take part in the discussion on the European Parliament's position on the European Semester.

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Parliamentary committees meetings are held in the form of Joint Committee Meetings (JCM) and meetings of sectoral committees.

Joint Committee Meetings (JCM) are organised by the state holding the Presidency together with the EP. The meetings deal first of all with issues subject to European legislation.

Meetings of sectoral committees are organised on the initiative of committee of the European Parliament (Interparliamentary Committee Meetings, ICM) or parliamentary committee of the country holding EU Presidency (Committee Chairpersons Meetings).

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Joint Parliamentary Meetings (JPM) were organised by the European Parliament and the parliament of the country holding EU Presidency to discuss strategic issues, important to the Union and whole of Europe. They served as a forum of general discussion and do not aim at adopting common conclusions in a given matter. Meetings were hosted by the European Parliament in Brussels.

The last Joint Parliamentary Meeting took place in December 2011.

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