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Rule of law compliance mechanisms in the European Union pdf PL
Published: 09.05.2019
Field: Constitutional and institutional affairs
Review of 3 current mechanisms: under Article 7 TEU concerning procedures allowing to address a risk of a breach or existence of a breach by a member State of the values referred to in Article 2 TEU; mechanism included in the EC communication "A new EU framework to strengthen the Rule of law"; an annual dialogue in the General Affairs Council. The calendar of debate concerning the rule of law compliance in the EU is enclosed, together with the calendar and documents of the procedure conducted against Poland. The EP's draft "EU Pact on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights" and the EC communication of 3 April 2019 which presents the existing instruments for respecting the rule of law in the EU and possible directions of development have also been indicated.
Key words: democracy, rule of law, EU values, fundamental rights, human rights