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Conference on the Future of Europe 2020-2022 Published: 16.03.2020

16 July 2019, Ursula von der Leyen, the then candidate for the position of the European Commission President, presented in the European Parliament a proposal to organise a conference on the future of Europe, the idea developed subsequently in her political guidelines for the next Commission. The EC plan of January 2020 is based on the principle that the conference will be a bottom-up forum accessible to civil society, national, regional and local authorities, parliaments and other stakeholders. Commission proposes to organise the Conference along two parallel strands: the first focusing on the main issues defined in the Commission's six political priorities and the European Council's Strategic Agenda, the second focusing on democratic processes and institutional matters.

Contributions to the debate were submitted by the European Parliament, European Council and the EU Council, research centres and academia. The ongoing discussion concerns first of all concept and goals of the conference, as well as its structure, mandate and timing. Decision should also be taken on the scope of participation of national parliaments, the organisation of the citizens' contributions and the way of ensuring the effective follow-up of what will be agreed by the Conference.

EU institutions submitted their contributions or started the debate:

  • European Parliament: resolution of 15 January 2020 (2019/2990(RSP)),
  • European Commission: communication COM(2020) 27, 27 January 2020,
  • European Council: debate on 12 December 2019, Conclusions,
  • General Affairs Council: debate on 28 January 2020, Outcome of the Council meeting.

The Conference is due to begin on 9 May 2020 and last for two years.

The attached file includes references to basic documents and information concerning the Conference. pdf

Key words: European Union, deepening of the EU, EU policies, institutional reform, national parliament