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Statutes Implementing EU Law – UST Database

The UST Database presents implementation of EU law in Polish legislation, from the perspective of the legislative work of the Sejm. Procedures concerning submitting and adopting acts that implement UE law are governed by the Act of 8 October 2010 on the cooperation of the Council of Ministers with the Sejm and the Senate in matters relating to the Republic of Poland's membership of the European Union and the Standing Orders of the Sejm .

Database's content

The UST Database contains two types of records: records of Polish and EU legal acts, which have been linked together. These are:

• description of a bill (in course of legislative proceedings) and description of an act adopted by the Sejm that implement UE law. There are two types of bills introduced to the database:

- governmental bills, declared by the Council of Ministers as implementing EU law (Article 95a Paragraph 2 of the Standing Orders of the Sejm),
- bills other than governmental, resolved by the Marshall of the Sejm before referring the bill to the first reading as implementing EU law (Article 95a Paragraph 3 of the Standing Orders of the Sejm).

It should be noted that after an act is adopted, the information specific to the Sejm paper (number of the Sejm paper, sponsor of a bill) is left in a description of a record.

• description of EU legal act, which is implemented by a bill. EU acts, which have been listed in a bill, explanatory statement to a bill or correlation table as those that are implemented by a bill are inserted into the database.