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The EU Affairs Committee (SUE) and the Sejm documentation in the Internet database EDL-S: European Legislative Documents in the Sejm

Scrutiny of EU documents is presented in the Internet EDL-S database, which covers the period from 5th to current Sejm. A record in the database contains description of the proceedings concerning given EU document. Content of a record has altered due to entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon and new Act on Cooperation (since 13.02.2011) and consequent changes in the documents’ scrutiny procedure.

Each record, depending on the term of office, includes links to:

  • summaries of meetings, containing a list of Committee’s decisions concerning each draft legislative act or other EU document scrutinised at a given meeting (EDL-S database from the beginning to 66th SUE meeting in the 7th Sejm, that is 26.07.2012),
  • opinions adopted by the Committee, both concerning subsidiarity and substance of the draft (EDL-S database, all terms of office),
  • bulletin which was a non-official summary of the Committee’s deliberations (EDL-S database until the end of the 6th Sejm, that is 7.11.2011),
  • complete records of meetings of the Committee (EDL-S database since the beginning of the 7th Sejm, that is 08.11.2011),
  • Sejm’s resolutions containing reasoned opinions on non-compliance of an EU draft legislative act with the subsidiarity principle (the first reasoned opinion was adopted on 25.11.2010),
  • Sejm Legislative Process database when needed,

as well as:

  • information on legal basis of decisions taken by the SUE (EDL-S database since the beginning of the 7th Sejm, that is 08.11.2011),
  • information on decisions taken by the SUE, other than opinions on subsidiarity or on substance of the draft acts (EDL-S database since the beginning of the 7th Sejm, that is 08.11.2011).

Apart from the above documents, in the future, records may contain resolutions on veto based on Treaty provisions (art. 48(7) TEU and art. 81(3) TfEU) or statutes adopted on the basis of art. 14 and 15 of the Cooperation Act.

EDL-S records are systematically linked to IPEX database since 20.06.2006.

EDL-S split along the Sejm’s terms of office and the date of  entry into force of the Cooperation Act (13.02.2011):

8th Sejm – since 12.11.2015
7th Sejm – from 08.11.2011 to 11.11.2015
6th Sejm – from 13.02.2011 to 07.11.2011
6th Sejm – from 05.11.2007 to 12.02.2011
5th Sejm – from 19.10.2005 to 04.11.2007



Following information is available in English:

  • all opinions of the Committee adopted since the beginning of the 6th Sejm (EDL-S database since 05.11.2007),
  • all resolutions of the Sejm containing reasoned opinions (the first reasoned opinion adopted on 25.11.2010),
  • information on decisions concerning particular documents taken by the Committee (EDL-S database since 08.11.2011),
  • information on legal basis of the decisions (EDL-S database since 08.11.2011).

Summaries of meetings, bulletins and complete records of meetings are available in Polish only.