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LEXICON ICM EUROJUST - Interparliamentary Committee Meeting (ICM) on the evaluation of Eurojust's activities

ICM Eurojust meetings - EP website

1.       ICM Eurojust is a platform for joint evaluation of the activities of Eurojust (European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation*) by the European Parliament and national parliaments. It works on the basis of Article 85 TFEU and Article 67 of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1727 (as amended), applicable since December 2019 (thereinafter 'Regulation').

2.       The joint evaluation is performed, in accordance with Article 67(3) of the Regulation, within the framework of an interparliamentary committee meeting of the European Parliament and national parliaments. The ICM format, in which various meetings of EP and national parliaments' committees are held to exchange opinions on EU matters in relevant areas of competence, doesn't have its own rules of procedure. This also applies to ICM Eurojust. The organiser of ICM is always the European Parliament, which in case of Eurojust invites to meetings together with the ongoing EU Council Presidency parliament.

For each meeting dedicated to the assessment of Eurojust's activities, the EP Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) invites up to four members of the relevant committees from each national parliament (two from each chamber in case of bi-cameral parliaments).

3.       The evaluation of Eurojust activities is carried out on the basis of annual Eurojust's report. Once a year the President of Eurojust takes part in the ICM to present Eurojust's annual report or other key documents, and discuss current activities. Discussions may not refer directly or indirectly to concrete actions taken in relation to specific operational cases.

Eurojust transmits to the European Parliament and to national parliaments for their information i.a. the results of studies and strategic projects elaborated or commissioned by Eurojust and a programming document containing annual and multi-annual programming as well as working arrangements concluded with third parties.
Information and documents regarding ICM EUROJUST meetings are published in English and French on the EP website, and their translations into Polish – on the OIDE website.


 *  Eurojust supports and strengthens coordination and cooperation between national investigating and prosecuting authorities in relation to serious cross-border crime. Eurojust is competent with respect to the forms of serious crime listed in Annex I to the Regulation. In accordance with the mandate extended in 2022, Eurojust, supporting Member States, can preserve, analyse and store evidence of war crimes, genocide or crimes against humanity, and make it available to competent national and international judicial authorities, in particular the International Criminal Court.

Updated: 08.09.2023