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Meetings of chairpersons of parliamentary committees for European affairs from the countries associated with the European Union

They originated primarily from the need for mutual consultations of representatives of parliaments of the candidate countries participating in the COSAC Conferences and also in connection with cooperation among the Chief Negotiators. The first such meeting took place in 1998 in Ljubljana. Until the 8th meeting in Pafos, Cyprus, in April 2002, the chairpersons of committees for European affairs of the parliaments of the countries associated with the European Union deliberated just among the members of the Luxembourg Group (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary).

The discussions at these meetings were devoted to the accession process, to the work of the committees for European affairs and of the joint parliamentary committees.

IX Spotkanie

, 6-7.10.2002, KRAKÓW
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VIII Spotkanie

, 26-27.04.2002, PAFOS (Cypr)
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VII Spotkanie

, 7.12.2001, LUBLANA
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